Forsyth Park

wide walkway, pedestrians, fountain -

wide walkway, pedestrians, fountain –


Returning is not a choice,
But a necessity.
Coolness in the midst
Of excessive heat and humidity.

Trees, hung with Spanish Moss,
Tall and strong,
Brown, grey, and green.
Broad avenues of sidewalk,
Leisurely strolling passersby.

Community building with stage,
Modern and white,
Reflecting pool a delight.
Provides comfort and entertainment
For young and old alike.

A stark contrast
To the aging, old monument
Honoring Confederate heroes
Of the Civil War.

Coolness versus summer heat.
New and old.
The living, and organic.
Non-living, concrete and marble.
All belong here.

Forsyth Park is in Savannah, Georgia. I would have included my own pictures but they have mystriously disappeared. The photos you see were uploaded from the internet (source websites included). The 20 acre park was founded in 1851, the cast-iron fountain was built in 1858, and the monument to heroes of the Confederation (Civil War) in 1875. Dozens of tree species have been planted over the years. Forest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil are two of the more recent movies that were filmed there.

What is your favorite park? Have you written about it yet?


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Tori is a good writer aspiring to be a great writer. The mother of four adult kids she is currently pursuing postponed dreams. She enjoys her grandkids, traveling with hubby, spinning fiber, weaving, and raising Shih Tzus. Currently Tori posts to this blog on Mondays and Fridays.
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3 Responses to Forsyth Park

  1. Thanks for the inspiration; I’ve writen about a park as a result – will post on Monday.

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  3. torimcrae says:

    Hi Rosalie. It’s always nice to know something I’ve written has provided some inspiration. I look forward to reading your post.

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