August 24th Update on Rosalie

With this post I’m signing off until September 7 while I take a much needed vacation. See you then. Please read on.

Below is the latest update from Rosalie’s Facebook page. It gives a picture of what a rollercoaster this has been for the family and for Rosalie. And yet, God performs miracles! To find out what happened to Rosalie go back a few posts to “Ribbons and Prayers for Rosalie.”  You can also go to the Facebook page and follow her progress.

The pictures break my heart because I think of my little granddaughter who will be 2 years old in a week and how I would feel if this was her lying in the hospital.

Please Pray for Rosalie (Facebook link)

Thank you Lord for another day with Rosalie!! Praise you Father! A couple of weeks ago we noticed that Rosalie’s hemoglobin was trending down. On Monday it was (8.2). I woke up today and noticed that Rosalie’s face looked white as a ghost, lips were a purple color, her eyes had dark circles under them and her face looked sunk in a bit. Her vitals all looked pretty good. From a medical stand point it looked like she was very low on her hemoglobin. So they came in and looked at her and said I think she looks like she might need some blood. So they drew some blood and sent it down.


I got my oil and anointed her, I put my hands on her face and I cried out to God….In the name of Jesus Christ let His blood run all through Rosalie’s body.  In the name of Jesus Christ she will not need blood today. Please Father bring color back into her little body. Thank you Father, Love and Trust you. Amen

Over the next hour we watched in amazement as the color started to restore in Rosalie’s face! Her lips became bright pink again, her cheeks got bright “Rosie” pink, the dark circles went away and her sunken skin filled in and got squishy again! Got her results back….. (9.5)!!!!!!!

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and ever situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:11-13

Thank you Father God for your love!!! Thank you for restoring the blood back in Rosalie’s body and letting us all witness an instant miracle!! Lord you are all we need! We trust you with Rosalie’s life! I will continue to lay her at your feet. Father she is in the best hands and I can’t wait for the day she opens her eyes and looks at me!!! You know my heart Father, you know how much we all miss her and love her. I can’t wait to take her around the country so she can thank everyone for loving you so much that they were led to pray and believe in her miracle. I can’t wait for everyone to hug her and feel your love all around her! Father she loved you so much and always asked for you to come into her heart. The only words that brought my eyes and heart to tears instantly were her saying in her sweet little voice “ Jesus come into my heart” then she would say.. I want to get “bapnatized” Praise you God for being in Rosalie’s heart. Everyone can see the love she had for you, it shines all around her.

Thank you Father for her life, thank you for this circumstance that is changing lives for your kingdom! God eternity is all that matters, and I will do everything I can in Your Name to make sure you use me and my family to spread your word and light to many. Father thank you God for Rosalie! Please God in the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim life back into her body! For God she is in your hands and I know you are healing her. I will be patient and wait until you are ready. I can’t wait for that day!! Praise you Father! Thank you for all the people following Rosalie. Thank you for all their encouraging words. I know they are words sent to me from you, thank you for their hearts for you to believe in this miracle.

“With you nothing shall be impossible” Thank you father for your love and Grace. Father we all fall short and we all sin… Thank you Father for always being there to pick us up when we lay our sins at your feet. Lord your renew us and give us strength. I am content Father with whatever my circumstances bring as long has I am hand in hand with you. Thank you for never leaving nor forsaking me.  I love you Father! I pray all this in your sons name…. Amen

This is the goal: to see little Rosalie whole, healthy — fully restored — to the picture you see here. Please pray for her. Please pass this on. Put it on your blog — on your Facebook page. Put it on your prayer chain. Go to the Facebook link and see other children who are in need of healing.

The pictures are from the photo album on Rosalie’s Facebook page.

Please Pray for Rosalie (Facebook link)


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