Ribbons and Prayers for Rosalie ♥

I’ve reposted a blog from Rosalie Squires concerning a little 2-year old girl who is still fighting to recover from the accident described below. Tomorrow I’ll post an update.  Please pray.


Originally Posted on June 11, 2012by

Hubby and I have been planning for several months to attend a wedding of some dear young friends in Arkansas.  They married this past Saturday and I spent the latter part of the week preparing for us to leave town.  Mid-week, I was in the garage looking for bug spray when I first heard the siren.  The big one.  The tornado warning siren.  Many Oklahoma neighborhoods have these.  I quickly came to the conclusion that they were just testing the system, as the clouds were not tornado producing ones.  That’s the other thing.  Everyone in Oklahoma is a tornado expert.  A requirement to live in this Bible Belt state.  Back outside, I began to hear many more sirens, police and fire, in our little neighborhood.  My mind went where it always goes when I hear emergency signals , “Lord, please intercede for this person in trouble and put your hands on the rescuers.”  Then I went on to trim the yard. with my bug spray

Little did I know, that just a few steps away, at our neighborhood pool, a little two-year old was fighting the fight of her life.  In a pool full of children, it only takes a moment for one to get lost in the crowd.  Regardless of how many adults are present.  Rosalie was pulled from the bottom and rushed to a nearby children’s hospital.  The last update I saw was last night.  She was squeezing people’s fingers.  She had 10% blood flow to her brain.  She is struggling, but still fighting.

Look at this sweet little face.  And if you feel so inclined, please pray for Rosalie.  Pray for her parents and family.  You can follow their journey and updates, if you like, through their Facebook page, Please Pray for Rosalie. (the above photo is from their Facebook page)

Rosalie has no idea the impact she has made on our community.  There are probably three hundred (I’m not so great at estimates!) homes in our neighborhood.  Most every one has a pink ribbon on their mail box in support of Rosalie and her family.  This is now extending outside to other neighborhoods and businesses.  You might want to place a pink ribbon on your mailbox or light pole where you live? (and if you do…send me a pic & I will forward it to their “album”.)

Oh ~ and as for the wedding this past weekend.  Well, C.J. and Hannah are “hitched”.  They looked very happy in the photos we viewed on-line.  We regrettably did not get to attend.  Our own 24 year old son had an emergency surgery and our vehicle took us the opposite direction to check on him.  He seems good now. But we needed to see that for ourselves.  Rosalie has reminded us that life can change in a moment.

If you are a praying person, please pray for little Rosalie (Rosie) and her family. ♥

And be nice to each other….you really never know what they may be facing today ….


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