The Olympics: Still Watching and Learning

Track and Field isn’t really my cup of tea but many people love it and there are some exciting races to watch. The gold medal winner of the Men’s 100 Meter Hurdles race was just being interviewed as I turned on the television late Wednesday evening. The reporter explained to the viewers that the race must have been difficult for the winning athlete because of a pulled hamstring muscle, injured in a race months earlier, leaving him with one leg weaker than the other and affecting his performance. He asked Aries Merritt, USA, how he managed to overcome that injury to win the gold.

English: Aries Merrit winning 110 m hurdles at...

English: Aries Merrit winning 110 m hurdles at bislett games 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merritt’s  answer? “Diligence.” That’s it— one word–diligence. Then he went on to explain that he had spent hours and hours during the past eight months strengthening the weaker leg to improve his performance. It paid off.

I have weaknesses. I have weaknesses as a writer but I am sure I am not aware of most of them. It’s not as easy as a runner realizing he needs to strenghthen one leg to make a speedy start and get over  hurdles quickly and efficiently. I need editors and critique partners to read my work and point out where my writing is weak, and books or a teacher to show me how to make my writing better. That can extend to other areas in life too. As humans we can be completely blind to our deficiencies (or all too aware of them!). Strengthening those areas makes us more complete and rounded.

Do you know your weak areas? Do you have other people, such as life coaches, mentors, editors or a critique group that can help you find your weak areas and overcome them? Please share your successes by making a comment.

Just a note: It amazes me how hurdlers run their races or how they can accomplish the feat at all. To run and jump an obstacle that tall without breaking stride is unfathomable to me. Sounds like another lesson I might need to think out.

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