From the Mouth of a Grandkid

I love the things kids say. Sometimes words of wisdom. Sometimes self-revelation. Sometimes they just make me laugh. Here’s a ‘new’ one from Shannon:

She woke up very early Sunday morning. “Grandma, can I watch cartoons?”


“Can I watch a movie?”

“No movies. No TV.” Her access to the tube is controlled and limited.

“Can you turn on some music?”

No, Shannon. I don’t have time to find a station.”  I needed to put together a big bowl of potato salad for a Father’s Day Barbeque after church and I knew it would take most of the time I had left for getting it and myself ready to go.

“Don’t you like silence,” I asked her.


“Is that why you talk all the time? To fill the air with noise?”


Mystery solved. Now I know why there is non-stop chatter from the time she wakes up until the time she falls asleep. The only time it stops is when she is watching a TV program she’s interested in. Other programs or even music don’t really stop the talking. Her mind works a-mile-a-minute and there is no filter between her brain and her mouth. If she thinks it she says it. <Big sigh.>

Today I told her mother about my discovery.

“Oh, yes,” she laughed. “I know that. We’ve had that discussion before.”

It appears there really is nothing new under the sun — not even Nonni’s ‘new’ discovery.



About torimcrae

Tori is a good writer aspiring to be a great writer. The mother of four adult kids she is currently pursuing postponed dreams. She enjoys her grandkids, traveling with hubby, spinning fiber, weaving, and raising Shih Tzus. Currently Tori posts to this blog on Mondays and Fridays.
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5 Responses to From the Mouth of a Grandkid

  1. books494 says:

    smile…. I would like to repost this on my blog if you give me permission

  2. torimcrae says:

    Eleanor, right? Your request is high praise. Please do repost “From the Mouth of a Grandchild.” Assumimg you’ll credit the original post to me, of course. A link to my site would be nice but not required. BTW, I’m going to link your blog site to mine. I’m 100% behind a professional who stands berhind and encourages parents. There are so many who don’t.

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  4. nyparrot says:

    How much time, really, it takes to find a radio station, come on!? 🙂

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