Writing Exercise from October 2011

What do you do when you’re tired and the brain won’t work and you need to post to your blog? Here’s one of my solutions: post something from my exercise book that I wrote, with pen on paper, eight months ago. I was given 15 minutes to write ane the words were:

saddlebags          walk          forest          shadows          creature

Walking is not one of my favorite activities. I would much rather swim, but that’s not a practical mode of transportation when crossing through a forest.

My faithful pony George — well he’s actually a mastiff dog — trots merrily alongside me as I walk along the path. He’s a very handy companion. I never have to carry a thing because he’s so large. He usually carries water, a lunch, a blanket and dog treats in the saddlebag I throw across his back.

The sun is slanting through the trees and across the path at this time of the morning. I love those filmy rays of light that poke through the spaces between the trees. The mood is peaceful though not quiet. The birdsong of robins and Swainson thrushes are joyful, but a cacophony of crows detracts from the peace.

Suddenly the shadow of a creature falls across the path thirty feet in front of us. With a loud bark George, in two leaps, is on the shadow, then hangs a right turn as he chases what I assume is a deer away from the path and through the forest.

(Facilitator: One minute left. Finish up.)

My ear follows the sound of barking and the breaking of branches. The peaceful mood is gone and, I realize, so is my water and my lunch.

~~~~~~     I’m serious. What DO YOU do when you’re too tired to stir up a thought, much less a creative one? Let me know.   ~~~~~~


About torimcrae

Tori is a good writer aspiring to be a great writer. The mother of four adult kids she is currently pursuing postponed dreams. She enjoys her grandkids, traveling with hubby, spinning fiber, weaving, and raising Shih Tzus. Currently Tori posts to this blog on Mondays and Fridays.
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5 Responses to Writing Exercise from October 2011

  1. Carol says:

    Writing exercises can be good stimuli for creativity. When I’m stuck on a scene in my novels I’ll sometime changes mental hats by working on a blog post, which is my version of an exercise. Posts seem to materialize out of nowhere and everywhere for me. They come from daily experiences or a photo.

    But when I’m too tired to think, I don’t try to. I’ll take my camera and go for a walk around our property, or read for a bit, maybe make a cup of tea and go out on the deck to watch the birds, or play a game with a grandchild if one is visiting… anything that’s a refreshing change of pace. Then I return to the task. I believe strongly in the “butt in chair” principle — i.e., I have to stay there until the job is done.

  2. torimcrae says:

    “Butt in chair” principle is one of my problems. I can be a little ADHD at times, especially with my dogs in the room. It’s a lot like riding herd on toddlers. That’s why I usually choose the late night hours when everyone’s asleep to do my writing. I like the idea of taking a cnange of pace.

    I think I may have to make a decision on which direction I’m going with my writing: a novel or travel writing. My first love would be travel writing, for which I start taking a class next week. Writing fiction is a recent development and a use of imagination and creativity I didn’t think I possessed. For the time being I’m really enjoying the process of writing for my blog — partly because someone is reading it and giving feedback.

  3. books494 says:

    I am realizing that I have never done creative writing! I do get stuck writing sometimes tho
    then I research the topic for ideas. Crazy eh

    • torimcrae says:

      That was the primary reason I joined a writing group. I hadn’t done any creative writing (i.e. fiction) since I was 7 y,o. All my writing as an adult has been essay or product reviews. It was way past time to spread my wings and fly. I really like “flying”. I hope you’ll consider trying the contest. Tori


  4. books494 says:

    I am definitely a creature of habit. Even as I walk down Main street I find I have to stop and look in every store with crazy pretty decorations. Stores are so fine. They tell you so much about the owner. In a small town like this, the store decorations change every week and the owner gets all excited outdoing the next-door neighbour.
    The one I really like tho is the one with the horse stuff. I know there is a special name for it but I can’t remember it right now. There are saddlebags, shoes, riding pants, boots, lots of ropes and all types of goodies. The best thing is the smell that wanders out the door from time to time. That smell is better that that one I smelt one day in the forest when I stumbled on a pile of logs in the shadows and something had been lying there for some time. That was long ago so I don’t even remember it. I like this smell better.

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