Did It!

It’s done and such a good feeling. I e-mailed my short story to Groundwaters this afternoon. Another deadline met after hours of revising and proofreading. Hopefully I’ll be able to read it in print in July.

I have to admit it is difficult trying to balance blogging with my other writing and with the other aspects of my life. As I sit here composing this blog the house is screaming, “I’m dirty. Clean me.”   But tomorrow is errand day and the house will stay dirty a little longer.

This whole endeavor is a bit like having a new baby in the house. Baby gets all the attention; hubby gets neglected; house gets neglected; animals, while not neglected get much less attention than they would like. And then there’s sleep. I’m neglecting that, too. Like all things in life, I expect the balance will sort itself out if I don’t give up too soon.

Finding balance is also a bit like writing. The words will come if an author just perseveres and doesn’t give up.

Do you have trouble balancing your writing with other aspects of your life? How do you handle it?



About torimcrae

Tori is a good writer aspiring to be a great writer. The mother of four adult kids she is currently pursuing postponed dreams. She enjoys her grandkids, traveling with hubby, spinning fiber, weaving, and raising Shih Tzus. Currently Tori posts to this blog on Mondays and Fridays.
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6 Responses to Did It!

  1. Zen says:

    I haven’t been writing at all lately because I haven’t been able to strike any balance. So much work and chores to do, and I’m barely able to find time for writing. =/

    • torimcrae says:

      I know what you mean. I finally had to put aside writing, including my commitment to do a daily blog, so I could do laundry and grub out my family room. Thanks for liking my post, “Did It” and making a comment. I checked out your blog site, found your posts quite enjoyable, and signed up to follow them. See you in the blogosphere!
      Tori McRae

  2. christicorbett says:

    Yay for making your deadline!

    I completely understand about the neglected house when I’m focusing only on my writing. The laundry situation in my house the past week has been shameful 🙂

    Christi Corbett

    • torimcrae says:

      My one saving grace in the laundry department is the fact that hubby and I don’t create mucn dirty laundry during the week, unlike when I had 4 kids in the house.

  3. Carol says:

    If I let it, writing would take over my life. I’d rather write than do most anything else. LOL! Breaking into the industry requires so much more than just writing — building relationships via social media, studying the craft to keep improving, and finishing the writing we start, among other things — all while dealing with the never-ending everyday commitments. I think everyone has a slightly different perspective on priorities so we struggle to find our own kind of balance.

    For me, it’s finding my best writing time (mornings and late evenings) and setting aside a specific chunk of it every single day. That, and limiting my online time. I don’t watch TV much anymore either. 🙂

    • torimcrae says:

      As a pastor’s wife I can imagine the number of commitments you must have. If I’m not too tired, which I sometimes am, late evenings after hubby goes to bed seems to be a good time for me to write. The house is quiet, the phone doesn’t ring, the dogs are asleep and so is hubby which means no thought-destroying interruptions. The danger there is the tendency to still be writing at 4 or 5 in the morning which means I want to sleep until noon. That puts everything that needs to be done during the day behind or neglected altogether. I also don’t spend much time on the internet, partially because of time constraints and also because I only get one gigabyte per month on the internet unless I go to the inconvenience of driving to a wi-fi spot, which takes even more time. At this point I think trying to pursue getting anything published, with all the new social media requirements, would completely overwhelm me so I’m just working on polishing up my writing skills and building a body of work. The TV is usually on but the spoken word is to me what background music is to others. I barely notice it when I’m writing and it drowns out other distractions most of the time.

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