Learning to De-clutter

I write all sorts of little notes to myself…. websites, books I’ve heard about, contact information for people or businesses. The notes pile up in front of my computer until they get tall enough to get in the way. Then I move them to a pile out of the way. There are 2 problems with this system: my desk(s) becomes a cluttered mess; and the disorganization means I can never find the information if I want it.
I’ve hit on a terrific solution that I’ve already started implementing. I set up a spreadsheet in Excel with colums like Genre (article, book, movie, etc.); Topic (politics, family, Scotland, etc.); Name, Title or URL; Author; ISBN; and a column for the file name for information that I’ve collected (e.g. best states with low taxes). I think it’s going to work. I threw out a bunch of slips of paper today after I put the info into the spreadsheet. Felt real good. Little by little this eclectic saver is learning how to declutter.


About torimcrae

Tori is a good writer aspiring to be a great writer. The mother of four adult kids she is currently pursuing postponed dreams. She enjoys her grandkids, traveling with hubby, spinning fiber, weaving, and raising Shih Tzus. Currently Tori posts to this blog on Mondays and Fridays.
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